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Corrosion Engineering

Our corrosion consultants can conduct field walk-downs, assess pipeline integrity, interference levels, and soil corrosivity, perform ground bed design, engineering calculations, conduct system validation, cathodic protection systems and potential surveys, and provide construction oversight.

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Electrical Engineering

Our electrical consulting engineers can perform site walk-downs, ETAP/SKM Studies including Arc Flash, Short Circuit, and Coordination. We also provide design, and compliance review services.

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Forensic Engineering

Our forensic consultants can investigate electrical appliance failure, conduct failure analysis, fire investigation, provide expert witness testimony, and offer support in insurance claims and litigation 

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Electrical Engineering Company

Corrosion and Electrical Consultancy Services

As a corrosion and electrical engineering company, we regularly consult on electrical and corrosion projects in Texas and the surrounding states. We take great pride in getting the job done on time and accurately. For corrosion projects, we specialize in field studies, soil corrosivity, cathodic protection, pipeline integrity, and more. We operate under the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) standards. For electrical projects, our NACE CP4-certified electrical engineering experts can provide electrical design, studies, arc flash studies, short circuit analysis, and more.

Take a look at our engineering consulting page or contact us today to find out more information on our engineering consulting services.

Forensic Consulting by Engineers

Finding the root cause of a disaster can provide a tremendous amount of closure. It’s often necessary for insurance and litigation purposes. Our experienced corrosion and electrical consulting engineers can help you determine the root cause for corrosion failures, electrical failures, house fires and other disasters.

We often work with insurance companies and lawyers to help find answers. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

Electrical Engineering

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Corrosion Engineering

Cathodic Protection Surveys

Forensic Engineering

Fire Investigations

The Dreiym Experience

We are a small but experienced corrosion and electrical engineering consulting firm located in the heart of Texas. When you work with us, you’ll get the knowledge and expertise you’ve come to expect. You’ll speak directly with an electrical engineering expert in the field that you are looking for and get the service and expertise you deserve.

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Trust Your Business Infrastructure to the Corrosion and Electrical Engineering Specialists

When your business depends on pipeline infrastructure there is a lot at stake. The system must work seamlessly because problems down the road can be devastating.

Dreiym Engineering is an electrical engineering company in Texas serving Houston and the surrounding areas since 2014. Our electrical engineering experts have decades of combined experience and are ready to help with your next project.

We help with a variety of industries and infrastructure systems:

• Petrochemical
• Water & Wastewater
• Nuclear
• Electrical systems
• Manufacturing

Dreiym is a corrosion and electrical engineering company known for its expert engineering consulting and forensics capabilities.

The requirements and procedures behind these engineered systems can be complex, and they include little room for error. We ensure the capabilities and dependability of the system. With our forensic engineering services, we can also pinpoint exactly what went wrong in the event of a failure or disaster.