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January 20, 2022

As-Built Drawings: What They Are & Why You Need One

As-built drawings, also known as red-line drawings, maintain a record of a project after it’s complete and make additional modifications to a site go smoother. But despite their importance, as-builts are frequently overlooked. Wondering what makes as-builts so crucial? Here’s what as-built drawings are and why you need one.

What Are As-Built Drawings?

At the start of every construction job, a set of initial plans, or shop drawings, are made. During construction, the contractors and subcontractors do their best to stick to the shop drawings, but inevitably, a few modifications are needed.

To reflect these modifications, contractors will create a new set of drawings, called as-built drawings, and hand them over at the end of construction.

What’s Included in As-Built Drawings?

As-built drawings illustrate any deviations from the initial plans. An as-built plan should include:

  • The full layout
  • The dimensions of the building
  • The final locations of wiring, electrical components, and control panels

Most as-builts also include additional documentation in the form of notes and pictures.

Why Do You Need Them?

Now that you know what as-built drawings are, you probably want to know why you need one. While as-builts aren’t a requirement for most construction jobs, they have numerous benefits that make getting them worthwhile. Here are just a few of the reasons as-builts are essential.

Improve Onboarding Process

As-builds make onboarding new subcontractors easier because they provide them with all the information they need to start working in an easily and quickly digestible format.

Faster Permitting Process

Some government agencies require you to submit an as-built drawing before they issue you a permit for new construction on an existing structure. If you already have an as-built on hand, you can get the permits you need faster.

Easier Renovations

If you decide to undergo further renovations, having a complete drawing of your building will come in handy. You’ll be able to look at an up-to-date layout of the building and base your renovation decisions around that instead of an outdated floor plan.

Don’t have an as-built of your building, but want to get one? Dreiym Engineering offers as-built drawing services so you can get plans that reflect the completed work on your building. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation!

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