3 Ways To Prepare for a Cathodic Protection Inspection

Are you expecting a cathodic protection inspection in the near future but are unsure of how to prepare your infrastructure for the test? Read on to learn our tips for setting your review up for success.

The Basics and Importance of Cathodic Protection Inspections

Quite simply, a cathodic protection inspection is a process that tests your infrastructure for signs of corrosion or corrosive potential. A team of expert engineers uses various methods of accessing structures like pipelines, docks, and more and provides valuable data that helps protect personnel and structural well-being. Sometimes these inspections are required by law; however, it’s still important to have regular checks to ensure better structural integrity and safety for all.

Know Our Services

Before physically preparing for your cathodic protection inspection, it’s crucial that you understand which services you’re receiving, as some are more complex than others. Our close interval surveys inspect entire structures for cathodic protection statuses, whereas direct assessments target specific pipeline areas and require a digging process. Check out our pipeline cathodic protection survey services list to ensure you understand the exact requirements of your preparations.

How To Prepare

Here are the three best ways you can prepare for a cathodic protection inspection from our team here at Dreiym Engineering.

Notify Nearby Structures

Depending on your local government’s regulations for these types of inspections, you may need to alert foreign structure owners nearby of your upcoming services. This is important for two reasons—mainly, it ensures that everyone is aware of the inspection and can prepare accordingly. Additionally, it limits the odds of someone nearby interfering with the services.

Hire Testing/Inspection Engineers

Since all cathodic protection inspections are the responsibility of the structure owner, it’s also their duty to hire a team of engineers. The first step in this process is researching various companies and contacting them for more information and quotes. When you hire a reputable and experienced team like ours at Dreiym, you can expect plenty of communication concerning the logistics of the services and costs.

Allow Access to Relevant Facilities and Points of Interest

When our team shows up on the day of the cathodic protection inspection, we like to work quickly and effectively. Our services are made easier when we have little to no trouble accessing various locations around your infrastructure.

Before our arrival, we recommend that you prepare your structure by making it highly accessible to engineers. This is a quick step that might only involve opening some doors or unlocking various locks, but the time it saves the cathodic protection inspection team is invaluable.

After following these three ways to prepare for a cathodic protection inspection, leave the rest of the work to us! Dreiym Engineering prides itself on providing the fastest and most accurate services. Contact us today to learn more about our testing and surveying capabilities.

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