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Our Houston Engineering Team Provides Corrosion Surveys and Cathodic Protection Inspections

Cathodic protection (CP) testing and corrosion surveys can improve employee safety and protect the long-term health of your infrastructure. For many companies in the industrial or oil and gas sector, these surveys may be required quarterly in order to stay compliant. Contact us for your pipeline cathodic protection survey.

Corrosion can inhibit your equipment from running correctly and cause a significant safety hazard. The cathodic protection specialists at Dreiym Engineering conduct corrosion surveys and cathodic protection testing on pipelines, docks, and other structures. We also conduct interference testing and mitigation.

 The Dreiym Difference

When you contract with Dreiym to conduct your pipeline cathodic protection surveys, we take a direct and simple approach. You won’t find a young and overworked representative from a large company, who must report back to his management before any work can be done. You will receive the expertise of a certified NACE cathodic protection specialist and registered professional engineer, on site, the first time, for every CP survey.

This approach allows our cathodic protection specialists to produce solutions more quickly. We also produce detailed solutions and lead any mitigation efforts. Dreiym services companies throughout Texas and the surrounding states.

Below are some of the cathodic protection and corrosion surveys we can perform. Every survey is conducted by a licensed professional engineer and a cathodic protection specialist.

Cathodic Protection System Testing

Trust it to Us

We send engineers to personally supervise all cathodic protection testing and surveys under their control.

Ready to Troubleshoot.

We can solve any issue you have.

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Our Cathodic Protection Surveys/Corrosion Surveys

  • Annual and regulatory – Follow the required annual and regulatory surveys for your industry.
  • Close Interval Surveys (CIS) – Find out the cathodic protection status for your entire structure.
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey (DCVG) – Efficiently detect any problems that may impact your pipeline coatings.
  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient Survey (ACVG) – Evaluate your pipeline coatings by using a signal generator with alternating current.
  • On-Potential Surveys – Evaluate background information and past performance of your system for a broader context.
  • Interrupted Potential Surveys – Gain insight into the current effectiveness of your corrosion protection systems. These tests can be conducted multiple times per year.
  • Cathodic Protection Interference – Multiple tests to detect the presence of interference and provide engineering recommendations.
  • Direct Assessment – An evaluation dig into the pipeline infrastructure to diagnose the causes of a significant issue.
  • Native Potential Survey – Achieve a different acceptance criteria per NACE – 0169 with the results from a native potential survey. This is a survey that’s not practical in many situations.
  • Alternating Current – Current Attenuation (ACCA) – Measure the strength of the electromagnetic field surrounding your pipeline. This can be used to determine the strength of pipe coatings. 
  • Depth of Cover – Evaluate the depth of cover within your system for a better understanding of how long it will take for atmospheric carbon dioxide or chloride ions to reach your pipeline infrastructure.
  • Pipeline locating – Find the existing infrastructure on your property.
  • Pipeline current mapping – Locate pipelines and identify potential issues in your pipeline coatings.

Protect Your Infrastructure with Cathodic and Corrosion Surveys from Dreiym

When your infrastructure suffers from corrosion, no one wins. Dreiym Engineering offers multiple ways to achieve cathodic protection. We service companies throughout Texas and neighboring states. Our experts are ready to talk with you about your next project. Contact us today.   

Cathodic Protection Survey Pictures

Anode Ground Bed, System Testing, Start-up, Commissioning

An Anode Junction Box Test Station in Houston, TX

Soil Resistivity Test, Wenner 4-Pin Method, Soil Corrosivity, Soil Conductivity

Professional Engineer Performing Soil Corrosivity & Resistivity Testing in Houston, TX


Native Potential Survey in San Antonio, TX by a Professional Engineer and Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP4) .

Rectifier Troubleshooting

A cathodic protection rectifier, needing troubleshooting.  A professional power engineer was onsite to assist.

Interference, Interference Analysis, Troubleshooting

A cathodic protection junction box for interference testing, needing some engineering attention.

DCVG Survey

A Cathodic Protection Technician performs a DCVG survey in Texas.

Cathodic Protection Walkdown at Facility

Project walkdown in Texas.

Gas Pipeline Main Transition

Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP4) and Professional Engineer Checks an interface with Kinder Morgan on a Natural Gas Pipeline

Cathodic Protection System Testing

Cathodic protection system testing in El Paso, Texas by a Professional Engineer and Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP4) .

Cathodic Protection Walkdown at Facility

Pipeline Corrosion Survey in Texas.

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