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Cathodic Protection Interrupted Potential Corrosion Surveys

Interrupted potential corrosion surveys are the first line of defense in assuring the integrity of your assets.  Often performed multiple times each year, these surveys can provide insight into the current effectiveness of your corrosion protection systems.  Many different kinds of corrosion surveys rely on the interrupted potentials, and Dreiym Engineering can perform and analyze data from all of these methods and provide engineering recommendations when warranted.

Interrupted surveys are often the first and most important survey to satisfy corrosion mitigation criteria.  We can make sure your required annual surveys are done right, by highly trained engineers that are able to troubleshoot any issue while in the field.  Let us help you get through your next audit.

Our survey teams are directly overseen by an on-site Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP4) who holds a professional engineering license.  You know that its done right when we do it, and we have the ability to stand directly behind all the work we do in the field.

Once the data is collected, it is analyzed by professional engineers who hold NACE certifications.

Dreiym can perform cathodic protection surveys all over Texas and can serve any area, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.  Contact Us today to discuss your project.  Initial consultations and quotes are always free.

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