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Dreiym provides licensed professional engineers to provide assistance to insurance, subrogation and litigation matters involving electrical failures that result in injury, fire or other loss.  Founded in 2014, Dreiym Engineering PLLC is owned, led and managed by licensed professionals who are experts in their field.

We serve Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, the rest of Texas and surrounding states!  Just call us to discuss your project location and the nearest available electrical PE consulting engineer.

NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations offers the following definition:

Failure.  Distortion, breakage, deterioration, or other faults in an item, component, system, assembly, or structure that results in unsatisfactory performance of the function for which it was designed.”

When a failure occurs, electrical is often the first place everyone looks.  An unbiased review by Licensed Professional Engineers is necessary to determine the true cause.  We offer fast response and deployment to your loss site, within your needed schedule.

Failure Modes:

Lightning / Utility Surge Damage

Household Appliance Failure

Vehicle Electrical Systems

Residential Electrical Systems

High/Medium/Low Voltage Systems

Industrial Distribution & Control

Electrostatic Discharge

Electrical Interference

Facility Electrical Grounding

Conformance with Construction Specifications

Conformance with Industry Requirements

Conformance with OSHA Requirements

Conformance with Legal Requirements

Shock / Electrocution / Arc Flash Injury

Engineering Examination and Investigation

Let our team of licensed electrical experts determine what happened.

  • Did an electrical failure cause the incident?
  • Was the system/component properly designed?
  • Was it properly assembled and/or installed?
  • Was it properly operated and maintained?
  • Were applicable Codes and Standards correctly followed?

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