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3D Space Capture

Space Capture is an indispensable tool.  By capturing a 3D space, we can preserve a forensic scene, allow you to show off a real estate space, or provide training materials for an industrial location.  Most jobs can be completed in only hours, with your model ready for review within days.  We use Matterport to provide web access to the model, where anyone with access can explore and measure.

Forensic and Insurance

For a forensic scene, the use of space capture allows the site to be preserved indefinitely.  Even as the scene is processed and items are removed for later inspection, the original scene is preserved for later walkthroughs and measurements.  The benefit is being able to go back in time and see the original scene before it was disturbed.  

Residential Real Estate

Dreiym can also scan any real estate property and publish the space on real estate sites or directly onto google maps.  Anyone searching for a new residence will be able to walk through the property as if they were really there.  The system even supports Virtual Reality walkthroughs!

Industrial Site

Industrial sites can be complex, especially to new employees.  By capturing a space, and then tagging all gear, LOTO points, or other important items, training is made much simpler.  Need to find a motor? Just search the 3D model for its tag.  Employees can walkthrough a capture of the facility, training coordinators can show students exactly what they will experience in the field.


Businesses can obtain a 3D capture to allow their customers to walk through their restaurant or retail space virtually.   This is perfect for helping local businesses show off their inventory without the customer needing to come directly into the store.

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